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About Us

Eeram Al Khalijj Real Estate Development Company originated as a real estate development company headquartered in Riyadh and runs its business under the hands of 30 years of experience of success and excellence
Eeram Al Khalij Real Estate Development Company, sails with you from the first step until the completion of the painting.

Our Mission

We are committed to contributing to the realization of visionary goals in the real estate field, operating to exceptional specifications, meeting customer expectations, and earning their trust.

Our Vision

Providing a range of services that suit clients’ goals, and managing and implementing real estate projects with accuracy, distinction and renewed creativity based on new technologies, strategic partners, and high-quality resources that keep pace with Vision 2030.

Our Projects

Explore our distinguished projects everywhere in the heart of Riyadh


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المشروع تحت التنفيذ

المشروع تحت التنفيذ

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